Dawn Of The Bread

| OH, USA | Grandchildren, Grandparents, Siblings

(My brother has just gotten home from a 5km run near my grandma’s house that the cross country team has dubbed the ‘cupcake run’, because everyone stops at her house afterward for cookies and cupcakes. The race is delayed this year because of severe weather. I also ask him to bring me home extra cupcakes, as I can’t make it.)

Me: “Did Grandma give you extra cupcakes?”

Brother: “Yeah. As she handed me the box, she said ‘Here, you and your sister can make a survival kit. If he’s nice, you can even give your dad some.'”

Me: “So, Grandma’s making apocalypse survival kits now, huh?”

Brother: “Well, yeah. She knows what it takes to survive the apocalypse: love and cupcakes!”

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