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Putting You On Trial

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(I am curling my hair for fun. I normally wear it straight down or up in the “mom-bun”. I turn to our nine-year-old son to ask his opinion of it.)

Me: “How do I look?”

Son: “Normal.”

(Then I hear my husband whispering to our son about how to answer that question when a girl asks him. I jokingly yell:)

Me: “No, no! No coaching him!”

Husband: “Why not?”

Me: “He has to go through the ‘trial by fire’!”

Husband: “Noooo!”


Uncultured Club

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(We are preparing to head out for the day and my husband is watching videos on his computer, ranging from 90’s rap back to disco, including a couple of Culture Club’s songs. I go to our bathroom to finish up, and our son goes to the other bathroom and my husband is in our bedroom nearer to me.)

Husband: *singing* “Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry?”

Son: *yelling from other end of house* “If it will get you to shut up, YES!”


Here We Pokémon Go Again

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(My friend and I are playing Pokémon Go and her three-year-old daughter is watching me as I scroll through the list of Pokémon I’ve caught.)

Daughter: “Why is it dead?!”

(She was looking at a Magikarp. I couldn’t stop laughing!)

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