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Siblinghood Of The Travelling Pants

| CA, USA | Siblings

(My sister and I are driving home from Lake Tahoe. It is cold there, and it’s cold where we’re from, but on the road it’s very hot. I am sweating, and decide to take off my pants. She can’t decide on music to listen to.)

Me: *looking through my iPod* “Have you heard this song by Willow Smith?”

Sister: “I don’t know, what is it?”

(I begin to play ‘I Whip My Hair back and Forth.’ We listen for a minute or so, and then I break out laughing.)

Sister: “What’s so funny?”

Me: “Just imagine how bad this would look to a cop. Me, a 20-year-old guy, sitting around in my underwear, sweating, and listening to an 8-year-old girl sing.”

Sister: *stares at me* “Yeah, you’re a creeper.”

Free Delivery On Shattered Dreams

| Hertfordshire, England, UK | Siblings

(There is a popular Kid’s TV Show in the UK called ‘Postman Pat’. It is about the adventures of a postman from the small village Greendale, and his cat, Jess. My three-year-old brother loves this show. My Mum has just answered the door to a postman delivering a package.)

Brother: “Are you Postman Pat?”

Postman: *completely deadpan and monotonous* “Yeah.”

Brother: “Where’s your cat?”

Postman: “Um…health and safety?” *shrugs and walks away*

Brother: *looks absolutely crestfallen*

Mum: *to my brother* “It’s okay! No one in Greendale is allergic to cats, so you can still see Jess when you watch him on TV!”

There’s Leap Years, Then There’s Leaps Of Faith

| AZ, USA | Siblings

Brother: “Oh my god! I am so excited. Do you know what happens on November 31st!?”

Me: “…there is no November 31st.”

Brother: *whimpers* “What?”

Time To Get Out Of His Shell

| Manhattan, NY, USA | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(My 32 year old big brother is still living with our parents.)

Dad: “I wish we were sea turtles. Your brother would be dead by now.”

Decent Dresses Are In Short Supply

| QLD, Australia | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(My father and younger sister have just gotten home from the hardware store. My sister is 16, and very scantily clad. My sister walks into the kitchen.)

Dad: “Heck, could your shorts get any shorter? You’ll catch a cold. No wonder we were served so quickly today.”