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Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 5

| WI, USA | Parents & Guardians, Pokemon, Siblings

(I am sitting on the couch at home and even though it’s literally five below zero outside right now and I’m sick and have absolutely no intentions of going out to hunt what comes up on my nearby list, I decide to check Pokémon Go. They have recently added a new thing where you pull up your nearby list and it will show you the building that Pokémon is by.)

Me: “Seel? What’s a Seel doing here?”

Sister: “What?”

Me: “There aren’t any bodies of water this side of town and there’s a Seel over at [Local Pub & Inn a block away].”

Sister: “Weird.”

Mom: “No, but maybe it’s over there drinking alcohol.” *bursts out laughing* “‘Rough day. Ten different wannabes tried catching me!’”

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Making Sure There Is No Sweet Behavior Here

| ME, USA | Siblings

(My brother was recently diagnosed as an insulin dependent diabetic. There are nights where previously, our mother was unable to give him his medicine, so I take over Monday nights. Prior to this my brother has made me cry and leave our parents house in tears after insulting me and yelling at me.)

Mom: “[My Name], can you give your brother his shot? My hands are full.”

Me: “I get to stab him?!”

Brother: “…why did you ask the deranged one?”

(I correctly take his blood sugar, and while I’m preparing his insulin, he decides to test my knowledge.)

Brother: “So, how much were you going to give me? My correct dosage.”

Me: “Nah, I’m just gonna kill ya.”

Graduated Past The Parking Lot

| Santa Clara, CA, USA | Siblings

(My brother drove down to my university for my graduation. He had to get up very early to make the drive so he is tired and a little grouchy when he finally gets here. This is the message he sent me when he arrived.)

Brother: “Your school is a nightmare that doesn’t have enough signs or instructions. Why are there so many entrances? Why are there no signs beyond one arrow saying ‘parking this way’? And then it’s like ‘f*** you, good luck finding your way.’ It’s a good representation of life actually: college is the one sign pointing what to do in life but then the rest of life is like ‘You can go eat a d***.’ Anyway, found parking and will be waiting to see you! Congrats, [My Name]!”

(It made me laugh when I had been stressing out over getting organized. Who knew he got philosophical when sleep-deprived?)

Silence Defiance

| CA, USA | Siblings

(I’ve been startled by my brother lately. All he’s doing is entering the room, but he doesn’t make any noise. When I turn around, there is he and I give a shout.)

Brother: *clapping*

Me: “AHHH!”

Brother: “It’s just me. Why are you so scared?”

Me: “You’re like a ninja. Make some noise when you enter a room!”

Brother: “A ninja… making noise… That’s a bad ninja.”

Me: “Just do it for your little sister!”

Brother: “I just can’t wrap my head around it. Making noise… when you’re a ninja…”

Harley Would Have Sent The Text On Purpose

| Denver, CO, USA | Siblings

(I’m sitting on my bed watching a movie on my phone when I get a notification that my brother has sent me a text message. I open it to find a picture of him smiling creepily with really wide eyes. The message he sent with the picture was this:)

Text: “Ehhehheh. The face when you are about to steal your sister’s money to go buy new Spider-Man comic books.”

(I reply to his text.)

Me: “[Brother], pay more attention to who you are texting next time. And Harley Quinn is way better than Spidey.”

(A loud gasp came from his room, and he stormed out.)