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Creating Pet Peeves

| VA, USA | Children, Siblings

(I am in a restaurant with my family, including my five-year-old brother. We are getting ready to leave so I take him to the bathroom. As I’m standing up, he runs over to a family with a little girl who have just sat down to eat.)

Brother: “Can I pet her?”

(I turned around to see my little brother petting a little girl’s head.)


At The Dis-Appointed Time

| USA | Siblings

(My cousin is getting married. The day before the wedding, she invites my sister and me to join the bridal party for manicures. The appointment is at 10 am, and we have both been up for several hours now. It’s a twelve minute drive, nothing complicated, and it is now 9:30 am.)

Me: *cheerfully* “Hey, you about ready to go?”

Sister: *angrily yelling* “When do you want to leave?!”

Me: “Uh, soon-ish? If you need a few minutes…”

Sister: “Why didn’t you tell me when we were leaving?!”

Me: “Uh, the appointment is at ten…”

Sister: “Well, I didn’t know when you wanted to leave! I’m still in my pajamas! You should have told me what time!”

(She then stomped and slammed her way into the bathroom. I really didn’t know what to say, but I guess it was too much to assume that she, an adult, would know to be ready to leave at least thirty minutes before the appointment time. In other news, we got there, had a blast, and my cousin is happily married.)


Death By Chocolate

| Waverly, IN, USA | Parents & Guardians, Pets & Animals, Siblings

(My sister’s first grade teacher has just gotten married and is on her honeymoon. The class has two pet gerbils: Vanilla and Chocolate. My family volunteer to care for the gerbils at the end of the school day so the substitute won’t have to. Third grade me thought the gerbils would love to scurry about the room, but they were quite difficult to catch.)

Me: “[Sister]! Catch it!”

Sister: “I can’t! He’s too fast!”

Mom: “Hurry up. Your father is waiting for us at home.”

Me: “I got it!”

(I had chased Chocolate down and was about to catch him. Suddenly I tripped on a desk leg, fell forward, heard a terrible crunching noise, and felt poor Chocolate squirming under my knee.)

Me: *bawling* “I got him! Mom! He’s dying!”

(My mom then scooped up the crushed gerbil and took it to the teacher I had for first grade.)

Teacher: “It’s okay honey. You didn’t mean to.”

(My mom and the teacher hugged me as the gerbil died in our hands. I cried the entire way home. When we got home my mom told my dad what had happened. He came over to me to offer his comfort.)

Dad: “[Mom]! Hurry! If we get to the school in time, we can get the body and mount my little hunter’s first kill!”

(I began bawling again. I can’t help but wonder what it was like for my sister to go to school the next day knowing that the other kids in her class would know that it was her big sister who had killed their pet.)


| MO, USA | Siblings

(My older sister lives almost an hour’s drive away from me. I’ve been sick the past week and since I live alone and I don’t drive, she has been texting me daily to make sure I’m okay. It’s around 11 pm and I have to be awake in a few hours for work, but I’m having problems getting to sleep so I post a status about how much work is going to suck without sleep, especially feeling the way I do. Not five minutes later my sister texts me.)

Sister: “How are you feeling?”

Me: “Better than yesterday. The new medicine I got is working great; I just have a massive headache that I can’t get rid of.”

Sister: “Have you taken anything?”

Me: “I’m out. I just have to deal for the night and buy more at work in the morning. Too bad I get there two hours before the pharmacy opens.”

(A little over an hour later I was still awake when there was a knock at my door. I opened it to find my sister standing there, in the cold, holding a bag from a 24-hour pharmacy containing a few different medications. She drove an hour in the cold to deliver me pain medication then stayed by my side the entire night to not only make sure I slept, but got me up and to work in the morning. I have the best sister in the world.)


You Know What’s In Store

| USA | Siblings

Sister: *calling upstairs* “MOM!”

Me: *to sister* “She’s at [Store].”

Sister: *angrily* “Shh! MOM!”

Me: “She’s at [Store].”

Sister: “Shh! MOM!”

Me: *laughing* “She’s at [Store].”

Sister: “Shh! DAD!”

Dad: *calling downstairs* “Yeah?”

Sister: “Where’s mom?”

Dad: “She’s at [Store].”

(My sister never realized what I was saying.)

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