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Identity Theft

| USA | Children, Siblings

(This happens with my younger brother, who is six.)

Me: “Did you know that you have two names?”

Brother: “No…”

Me: “Yeah, your first name is [First Name], and your middle name is Robert!”

Brother: *eyes get big* “I don’t believe you!”

(After Mom confirms it, he gets upset.)

Me: “Don’t you like the name Robert?”

Brother: “No! I’m NOT a robber!”

(To this day, 29 years later, I still tease him about it even though he now likes his name better.)


Skip To The End

| Finland | Siblings

(My little sister and I are binge watching a TV series from a DVD box set. We decide early on that the theme song is too long and boring, so we have skipped it pretty much every time. We have watched around 25 episodes at this point.)

Sister: *the theme song begins, so she lifts the remote* “We need to skipity-skip this theme song!”

Me: “Skipity-skip?”

Sister: “Yeah?”

Me: “Normal skipping just isn’t enough anymore?”

Sister: “No! Because this thing is too long!”


Taking It Siri-iously

| IN, USA | Popular, Siblings

(It’s 2009 and I have just gotten a new phone, and it has voice recognition. I am testing it out.)

Me: “Call, Mom.”

Phone: “Sorry, I didn’t understand.”

Me: “Call, Dad.”

Phone: “Sorry, I didn’t understand.”

(After a few more unsuccessful tries, I toss it on my bed.)

Me: “You son of a b****!”

Phone: “Calling [Brother].”

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