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It’s Okay, A Little Bird Told Me

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(Our African Grey parrot is very smart and frequently taunts one of our cats whenever the cat is nearby. One night, the cat starts to stare at the bird as if he might go after her, so I intervene.)

Me: *in a warning tone* “[Cat].”

Parrot: *still taunting* “Come on!”

Me: “[Bird]!”

Parrot: “It’s okay!”


It’s Like They’re Breeding

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(I’ve recently moved and my cousin has come to visit. We decided to bring our dogs to a rather unpopular dog park because it’s usually empty and my dog is skittish around people. Our dogs take off and start playing and a small group of people show up. They let their dogs in and to be safe I call my dog.)

Me: “Tribble, here.”

(My dog instantly runs to me as well as another dog that came with the group. I reach down to pet the other dog and see that on his tag his name is ‘Tribble’ as well.)

Cousin: “Well, I guess you’re not the only nerd on earth. Want me to get his number for you?”

Me: “Nah, it would get way too confusing with our dogs sharing a name.”


Give A Dog A Bad Name

| Australia | Pets & Animals, Siblings

(My mother has just asked me to tell my two brothers to feed the dogs. This is how that went with my younger brother.)

Brother: “Here!”

Me: “Oh, there you are! Mum wants you to feed the dogs.”

Brother: “What is a dog?”

Me: “…a miserable little pile of secrets.”

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