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Losing A Finger Is The Tip Of The Iceberg

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(I’m at my parents for the summer, and my sister and her husband are visiting for the weekend. There are five adults and four of us have had oddly similar injuries. My eight-month-old niece is playing in a playpen and my mom is concerned that she’ll get her fingers caught in something.)

Mom: “Careful, you’ll lose your fingertip!”

Me: “Well, that’s nothing new in this family.”

Sister: “Raise your hand if you’ve lost a fingertip!”

(My sister, brother-in-law, father, and I all raise a hand. My mom facepalms.)

Brother-In-Law: *to sister* “How’d you do it?”

Sister: “Deli slicer!”

Brother-In-Law: “Me, too!” *they high-five* “What were you slicing?”

Sister: “Ham.”

Brother-In-Law: “Ah… tomatoes.”

Dad: “I was cutting my finger!”

(He was trimming hedges at work and mistook his finger for a branch. And then stuck his finger back on with a band-aid.)

Me: “I broke a glass sculpture.”

Dad: “Mine grew back!”

Brother-In-Law: “So did mine!”

Sister: “Mine, too!”

Me: “Mine didn’t. I’m still missing parts of my fingerprints.”


Family Transcends Hate

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(I recently came out to my wife as transgender after 15 years of marriage. It’s been a rough road, but we decide we’re going to stay together because we love each other. Before I begin transitioning, we need to tell my mother-in-law. She’s a sweet woman and adores me, but she’s in her 80s and a strong Catholic, so we’re not sure how she’ll react. My wife sits down with her and tells her about me. Her reaction is priceless.)

Mother-In-Law: “Does this mean I finally have a daughter-in-law?”

(I love that woman!)

Red Light Leader: It’s A Trap!

| Rockville, MD, USA | In-Laws, Parents & Guardians

(I’m driving my mother-in-law to our nail appointment the day before her youngest son’s wedding.)

GPS: “Speed trap reported ahead.”

(The traffic in front of us slows and comes to a complete stop.)

Mother-In-Law: “Oh! Is this because of the speed trap?”

Me: *pointing ahead* “No, it’s because of that red light.”

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