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Doesn’t Look Like Anything The Cat Dragged In

| NM, USA | Grandchildren, Grandparents

(I am sitting in the youth services section of the library, near the desk, reading a book and waiting for my daughter to come out of story time when I observe a boy about nine or ten approaching the desk.)

Employee: “Welcome to the library. Can I help you find something?”

Boy: “I was wondering if you could help me find my grandma?”

Employee: “Sure. Can you tell me what she looks like?”

Boy: “Well, she’s really old and REALLY wrinkly and has old person hair, and she smells like an old person, and I think she’s wearing a purple shirt. Kind of a crazy cat lady look?”

Employee: *blushing at the boy’s words* “Sorry, I haven’t seen anyone fitting that… description.”

Boy: “Okay, but if you see her, will you tell her me and my mom are at story time?”

Employee: “Sure will.”

(Two minutes later, a lady comes looking for her family. She’s probably not a day over fifty and very stylishly dressed with nice hair.)

Employee: “Welcome to the library. Can I help you find something?”

Lady: “Yes. I was looking for my daughter and grandchildren. The oldest boy is wearing a green shirt and brown ball cap. Have you seen them?”

Employee: “Yes. They went into the story time room.”

(The lady leaves, and the employee looks at me, knowing I saw the whole thing.)

Employee: “Really old crazy cat ladies are getting nicer looking every day!”


Old People Go Down Hardcore

| Seattle, WA, USA | Grandparents

(I work at a convenience store and overhear this conversation:)

Woman: “Grandma, why are you voting for Trump?!”

Grandma: “If I go down, America is going with me!”


Conversations Of An Adult Nature

| CA, USA | Grandparents, Popular

(My grandmother and I are driving in her car. We are talking about my girlfriend and me. I am 18 and legally an adult. My grandmother is highly religious while I am not.)

Grandma: “So how are you and that girlfriend of yours getting along?”

Me: “Great! I’m so lucky to have her in my life! She’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more!”

Grandma: “You know I don’t like that she’s non-religious, right? You really should be dating a Catholic girl. It’s only right to stay within your faith.”

Me: “Aren’t you married to a non-Catholic man?”

Grandma: “Well, yes. But that’s different. He’s an adult and can make his own decisions.”

Me: “Well, so am I.”

(When I told my girlfriend about this, the first thing she did was dig through her family photo album and find pictures of her Catholic baptism. My grandma was a lot more accepting of her after that.)

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