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Grandchildren On Red Alert

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(This was a story my boss told, about one eventful car ride after picking up her grandson from school.)

Boss: *stops at a red light, and makes a legal right turn*

Grandson: “Grandma! That was a red light! A RED LIGHT! You’re supposed to stop. RED means STOP!”

Boss: “It’s called a ‘right on red’ and there was nobody coming.”

(Her grandson sees a police car parked by the road, and he rolls down the window and tries to hang out of the window waving and screaming.)


(Thankfully, there wasn’t anybody around and he didn’t fall out of the window!)

A Cautionary Trip

| Waverly, OH, USA | Grandchildren

(While his little brother was using the restroom, my seven-year-old grandson inspects the huge tent-like “CAUTION” sign a worker had left blocking the path to the stalls.)

Grandson: “Does this sign say ‘caution’ because you might trip over it?”

Getting Him Out Of His Shell Dude

| OH, USA | Grandchildren, Grandparents

(Our older grandson has always been a fan of “Finding Nemo.” One day, when he was at the animal noises stage, we were playing that game in the car.)

Me: “What does a cow say?”

Grandson: “Moo.”

Grandfather: “What does the pig say?”

Grandson: “Oink.”

(And so on until…)

Me: “What does the turtle say?”

Grandson: “Duuuude!”

Wear Your Air

| OH, USA | Grandchildren

(My four-year-old grandson and I are playing a game when I belched rather loudly. My grandson just stared at me for a moment, and then took a step back.)

Grandson: “I stepped back so none of the burp got on me.”

(He then looked all around him and checked out his clothing.)

Grandson: “Yeah. It missed me.”

As Long As It’s Not ‘Avada Kedavra’

| OH, USA | Grandchildren

(I’ve been reinforcing manners with my grandsons. One day, the older one offers his brother the dry-erase board:)

Older Grandson: “What’s the magic word?”

Younger Grandson: “Abracadabra?”

The Lord Of The Rings: The Next Generation

| Waverly, OH, USA | Grandchildren

(My grandsons have recently watched all of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies. The following happens when my son takes them out for dinner.)

Older Grandson: *to his younger brother* “Eat your potatoes.”

Younger Grandson: *in a hissing voice* “What’s taters, precious?”

(We are now a three-generation family of geeks.)

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