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8 Reasons Why Your Grandma Is Cooler Than You Are

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1. She teaches you what brutal honesty is all about.

We spend all our lives telling little white lies, being politically correct and being terrified of how other people see us. No grandma. If your haircut sucks, she tells you. If you’ve gained a little weight, she tells you. And if you’re having a bad day and you need the motivation to suck it up and get on with your day… that’s right. She tells you.

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2. The good old days can be then and now.

Of course things have changed since she was your age. She is full of countless stories about how she had to “work for 26 hours a day and that she could only make a phone call once a year after gathering her savings and going to the telegram office.” Grandma makes you appreciate life now, but she can also tell you of a time when you didn’t have to lock your doors, when neighbors knew each other’s names, and social networking involved actually talking.


3. She is the strongest person you know.

Grandmas of today have been through a world war, and countless others depending on where in the world they’re from. They’ve been through more than you know, with more life experience than you’ll ever gain from browsing tumblr and twitter. She’s kept the family together through tragedy and more. Respect is due!


4. Grandma is on your side.

“If Mother says no, ask Grandma” goes the saying. When your parents are mad at you, or vice-versa, Grandma is the one who can calm you down, make you see sense, and do the same for your parents. She is always on your side. She also lets yoo do way more as a kid and get away with so much more. Wan’t chocolate milk with your cereal? Then ask grandma!



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5. She’s your fiercest cheerleader.

Grandma will always be proud of any of your achievements. Upset with that B in class? Don’t be, because Grandma will already be boasting about it with her neighbors. You might think it’s not constructive to make such a big deal of every little accomplishment, but this is ingrained within Grandma’s DNA, so get with the program. You’re always gonna make Grandma proud.

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6. Food glorious food.

Grandma will always ensure you leave twice the weight you were when you arrived. Saying no is not an option. Not having a second plate is not an option. Not taking extra away with you in tupperware is not an option. And everything that she cooks, bakes, fries and roasts will never taste as good anywhere else, because it’s been made with that special ingredient that only Grandma has. Love.


7. She never asks for anything in return.

In her eyes, she’s the grandmother who gives her all to you, and you’re the grandchild who accepts it without question. That’s it. It is a one-way street as far as she is concerned. She neither wants nor expects anything in return. That’s not to say you can’t try, but she’ll be stubborn about it. Try to be sneaky. If winter is on the way, maybe try buying her a nice winter coat. If you notice she’s out of heavy boxes of laundry detergent, go and pick some up. She will appreciate these gestures, even if it comes with a great deal of moaning!



8. She will never judge you.

Sometimes Grandma can have an old-fashioned view of the world, will hold on to traditional values and won’t understand what life is like as a modern young person, but she will never judge you. Whether you political stance, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever, might be something she can’t relate to or understand, it won’t matter. You’re her grandchild and she loves you, and nothing will change that.

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