The Worst Things About Being Part Of A Stock Photo Family

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Crowd in the mall

Being part of a family can have it’s challenges, but being a part of the stock-photo family puts yours into perspective.

For one, the kids stick to you… always.

Happy young family having fun outdoors in summer. Mother, father and their cute little daughters are playing in the sunny garden. Happy parenthood and childhood concept. Focus on the father.


Like… all the time.


Portrait of Happy Family In Park


Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous.

Young Family Having Fun In Park


You can try to throw them away:



But they always find their way back:

Family having fun in countryside


The grandparents are no help; they just stare off into the fourth wall and laugh like a pair of geriatric Deadpools.



And the pets can’t help either, because they have the same problem.



At least the little tykes have a good view of the sunset.



Which is good, because in Stock Photo Family world, it’s always sunset.






Seriously, it’s like the God of this universe is Michael Bay.



It is a well-known problem among Stock-Photo families that you will suffer from handholditis.

A happy family of grandparents, mother, father and two children, son and daughter, walking holding hands and having fun in the sand of a sunny beach


This is a tragic condition where all family members are surgically attached by the hands.

Family Jumping on Beach


It’s a very common problem, with some cases more extreme than others.

Portrait of family keeping their hands one another at home


And some so extreme it begins to resemble the disturbing result of a Star Trek transporter accident:



Picture a more adorable yet still as inconvenient version of The Human Centipede.



You can try to jump free, but you will fail.

Family jumping together on the road


At least you’re always smiling!

Portrait of happy family members looking at camera with smiles


Always… smiling…



Like you’re in a perpetual dentist ad.






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