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They Would Rather Steal A Foot-Long Than A Six-Year

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(I am standing in line at a deli. As it is a busy time of day, people are lined up all the way to the entrance. A mother and her six year old daughter walk in behind us.)

Mother: *cheerfully* “No, honey, you can’t stand outside. Someone
might snatch you because you’re so cute, and sell you on the black market!”

Eggs Hurt Your Noggin

| Las Vegas, NV, USA | Children, Parents & Guardians, Siblings, Top

(My mom is trying to get me to try eggnog, when my four-year-old sister walks by.)

Mom: “But, you like eggs!”

Me: “Not nog.”

Little sister: “Who’s there?”

Has No Problem Espresso-ing Himself

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(I am Italian. My son is about 4-years-old. My 6-year-old daughter gives him an extra tea set she does not want. I walk into his room to find him with the tea set. It is set out with several toys; teddy bear, Batman, Power ranger, T-Rex, etc.)

Me: “So, are you having a tea party?”

(He looks at me rather quizzically. He holds up the pot and points to it.)

Son: “This is espresso!”

(I shed a tear and feel so proud, as espresso is so much a part of our family. He is in college now. The first thing I bought him for his dorm room: an espresso machine!)

From NotAlwaysRight:
Has No Problem Espresso-ing Herself

Pronunciation Is Fowl

| Granite, OK, USA | Children, Parents & Guardians, Siblings

(My brother is 7 years old. We are arguing about how to spell ‘chicken’, which he insists is pronounced ‘ticken’.)

Brother: *runs up to dad* “Daddy, what does ‘ticken’ start with?”

Dad: *serious face* “An egg.”

Brother: “But it’s ‘ticken’!”

(Sending a golden opportunity, my boyfriend chimes in.)

Boyfriend: “It’s not ‘ticken’! It’s not a bomb!”

They Don’t Ignore The Elephant In The Room

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(My father is holding me as a new-born baby me for the first time. My mom is still loopy on anaesthesia.)

Dad: “Oh, honey! Look! She has my ears!”

Mom: “Oh, good. Now she can fly through the air like an elephant!”