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Getting Chesty About Yo Mama Jokes

| USA | Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Parents & Guardians

(I’m talking to my boyfriend on the phone. My comeback to any statement would be “your mom is”…)

Boyfriend: “…and then I will go shirtless.”

Me: “Haha! You have moobs! No way!”

Boyfriend: “Hey! I have a chest okay?”

Me: “Yeah, right. Your mom has a ches— Oh, right. Never mind.”


Maybe He Was Just Watching ‘Frozen’

| Cambridge, ON, Canada | Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Nephews & Nieces, Popular, Siblings

(I’m at my boyfriend’s house, hanging out with his sister, and her three-year-old son is also in the room watching TV. When my boyfriend is around, his nephew likes to play with me, just so he can steal me away from my boyfriend, so they have this adorable little rivalry over me. My boyfriend and his brother come in, taking a break from yard work.)

Sister: “Hey, aren’t ya gonna kiss your girlfriend?” *makes kissing noises*

Boyfriend: “You know you’re asking for it, right?”

Sister: *still making kissing noises*

Boyfriend: “All right, you asked for it!” *grabs me, dips me and kisses me*

Nephew: *bangs fists on the table* “Noooooo! Stop it! Let her gooooo!”

(We all burst out laughing suddenly, and my boyfriend drops me.)

Boyfriend: “Did he actually say let her go?!”

Me: “Dude, you actually dropped me!”

Boyfriend: “I’m sorry, I didn’t expect… that!”

Sister: “You’ve got a strict chaperone! There will be none of that while my son is around!”

Me: “You told us to!”

Sister: “Of course I did. But [Nephew] won’t have it.”

(We’re still laughing about it whenever we tell that story! Needless to say, his nephew may not remember it, but he’ll never live that down!)


A Different Kind Of Sibling Rivalry

| The Netherlands | Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Popular, Siblings

(For a while I’ve suspected I was bisexual, but I was never really sure and thus I never told my family. At the birthday party of one of my housemates, I meet a nice girl (I’m female) and we hit it off. She also mentions she’s bisexual. We exchange numbers and go on a date. This conversation with my family occurs a few days later.)

Me: “I’ve applied for voluntary work with LGBT refugees today.”

Sister: “Oh, cool! What organisation?”

Me: “[LGBT Organisation in my city].”

Sister: “[My Name], what were you doing there?”

Me: “I saw it through [Social Media Site]. But while we’re on this topic, I’ll confess something. I was on a date with [Girl] last Friday.”

(At this point, my heart starts pounding in my chest because I’m still a little nervous.)

Sister: “Did you have fun?”

Me: “Yes, a lot.”

Sister: “[Girl] is a friend of [Housemate]’s, right?”

Me: “Yeah, we met at her birthday. It clicked really well and the next morning I woke up to a note on my door with her number and asking if we could meet up again. So we did.”

Brother: “Haha, awesome.”

Sister: “Yeah, brave!”

Brother: “Why doesn’t that happen to me?”

Sister: “I was about to ask the same thing”

Brother: “Why that doesn’t happen to me?”

Sister: “No, why it doesn’t happen to ME. I also want cute girls to go on dates with.”

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