Mom Has Good BiFi

| ON, Canada | LGTBQ, Parents & Guardians

(I’m 26, female, and engaged to a man, but have finally come out as bisexual after a decade of trying to deny myself. My fiancé takes it extremely well and I’m preparing to come out to my family. I’m talking to my mom on the phone.)

Me: “Yeah, if anything ever did happen to me and [Fiancé], I’m just gonna live a life of sex, gaming, cosplaying, and nerdiness…” *decides to let the bomb drop* “…either with a guy or a girl.”

Mom: “Okay.”

Me: “Mom, I’m bi.”

Mom: “I know.”

Me: *was not expecting that at all* “WHAT?! HOW?!”

Mom: “I’m your MOTHER! I KNOW EVERYTHING! I’ve had a feeling ever since you were fifteen!”

(I will never ever again deny the power of a mother’s senses.)

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