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(All of my family members are musicians. My father and I play in a professional jazz band together, but my mother, an extremely accomplished classical pianist and church organist, is most decidedly not a “jazz cat.” We tease her lightly about it all the time. Note: chord symbols in written jazz music are often referred to as “changes,”)

Mom: “I can’t play the stuff from that “Dave Brubeck Christmas” book at church–it’s way too jazzy. But I’ll learn it anyway. It’ll be good for me.”

Me: “Sounds like fun! Does it have chord symbols in it? You could use that to practice improvising.”

Mom: “I think so.”

Me: “Weird jazz ones, with all the flat 9s and sharp 13s and stuff?” (Referring to very colorful chords that are fairly unusual outside of jazz music)

Mom: “I don’t know. I think my brain sees chord symbols and goes ‘Aaah! I don’t see you!'”

Me: (laughs) “Fair enough!” (Goes to walk away, then turns around) “Hey Mom… Resistant to changes?”

(She was still laughing about it two hours later!)


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