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    Very Heavy Petting

    | Marthaville, LA, USA | Pets & Animals, Top

    (I’m visiting my aunt who has several cats, including a Russian Blue named Prissy who doesn’t take kindly to being ignored. I’m stretched out on the couch, watching TV.)

    Prissy: *jumps on my chest and rubs her head against my chin* “Meow?”

    Me: *shoving her down* “No, Prissy. I’m watching TV.”

    Prissy: *jumps up by my feet and starts rubbing against my toes* “Meow?”

    Me: *kicking her off the couch* “I’m watching TV! Cut it out!”

    (She wanders off with her tail twitching. I watch TV in peace for a few minutes, then I hear the cat running across the floor. The next thing I know, she’s jumped up on the couch, sprinted across me, and has wrapped herself around my head as if she thinks she’s an Alien face-hugger.)

    Me: *sigh* “Well-played.”

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