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    Underworld Overheard

    | NY, USA | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

    (My sister is a die-hard fan of the movie series ‘Underworld’.)

    Mom: “So, anyway, the news headline was–”

    (A TV spot for the new Underworld movie comes on for the first time.)

    Sister: “Aaaaagh!”

    (My parents both jump. My dad clutches his heart, my mom covers her hearing aid.)

    Dad: “Wh-wha-what’s going on?! Why’s she screaming?!”

    Mom: “I don’t…” *looks at TV* “Oh, for the love of God!”

    (My sister continues screaming.)

    Mom: “Ow! My hearing aid.”

    (The commercial ends.)

    Sister: *sighs happily* “Well, that made my day. Oh, yeah, so what were you saying, mom?”