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    This Game Is Rated M For Mom

    | Lockyer Valley, QLD, Australia | Parents & Guardians, Theme Of The Month

    (The first Xbox has just came out. Dad buys it for my sister and I as a Christmas present. It comes with three games, one of them Halo, to which Mum promptly becomes addicted.)

    Me:*walking to the kitchen to get a drink; the living room is filled with the sound of sporadic assault rifle fire* “Hey, mum.”

    Mum: “Mmm.”

    (She is looking very focused. Suddenly, her face lights up.)

    Mum: “Yes! I did it!”

    Me: “Did what?” *I go to see what this achievement is*

    Mum: *proudly* “That!”

    (She’s painstakingly etched a swear-word on a wall with the assault rifle.)

    Me: “Good job, mum.”

    Mum: *cheerfully* “Okay, time to go back to killing things!”

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