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    You’re Gonna Be In Pictures

    | UT, USA | Siblings, Teenagers

    (I’m looking up information for my husband about a charter school he attended and later worked at. My younger sister also attended the school. Their website shows pictures of past graduations and award ceremonies. My sister happens to be in one of the pictures, so I text her to let her know.)

    Me: “You’re in a picture on [School]‘s website.”

    Sister: What?!”

    Me: “From your graduation.”


    Breaking Bread With Your Brother

    | Mexico | Children, Pets & Animals, Sons & Daughters

    (We are having a friendly get together at my house. I have a new puppy and my friend’s daughter is enthralled by it. After a while, we see the puppy eating a piece of bread that had been given to the kids. Note that the kids are four and two years old respectively.)

    Me: “Hey, [Friend], I think your daughter is feeding bread to the dog.”

    Friend: “[Daughter], are you giving your bread to the dog?”

    Daughter: “No. It’s my brother’s.”

    Chilling To The Bone

    | Wellington, New Zealand | Siblings

    (My sister and I are having dinner. I am tired and we have been sitting in silence.)

    Sister: “You know, a person’s bone marrow has a street value of 23 million dollars. So, when you kidnap someone, it’s better not to ask for ransom but to just keep them sedated and sell that.”

    Me: “…”

    Sister: “…”

    Me: “…”

    Sister: “…”

    Me: “So, is that US dollars?”

    He’s Gonna Need A Bigger Shield

    | KY, USA | Siblings

    (I am planning my trip to California for this summer when I get my vacation from work. I also have a huge thing for Captain America. I do a Google search for American Airlines and the first thing my phone pulls up is Captain America. I start laughing and tell my 16-year-old little sister.)

    Me: “[Sister], I went to search American Airlines, and Google pulled up Captain America!”

    Sister: “Well, we all know you’d love to ride him all the way to California!”

    One Ambition

    | CA, USA | Cousins, Teenagers

    (I am eight years older than my youngest cousin. I have always adored this kid from day one; she never failed to make me laugh. I’m always amazed every year at how much she’s grown. Fast forward to her being 16 years old. She absolutely loves the band ‘One Direction.’)

    Cousin: “I want to marry One Direction.”

    Me: “You mean one of the guys from the band, right?”

    Cousin: “No, I mean the whole band. Instead of sister-wives, they can be brother-husbands.”

    (I spent most of the next two days laughing. She may not be a funny baby anymore, but she’s still definitely hilarious!)

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