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    Fooied That Up

    | IA, USA | Children, Siblings

    (My eight-year-old autistic, but very verbal and outgoing, brother learned the ‘F’ word. To get him to stop using it all the time, we started using ‘fooie’ all the time. We explained that he should say ‘fooie’ instead and soon he was doing it, too. Whenever we take him out we’d have to remind him to behave because he fusses quite regularly. One day, in the parking lot of the grocery store:)

    Mom: *to my brother* “Now remember to be a good boy, and not have a fuss.”

    (When we get in the store, they see it is more packed than they’ve ever seen it before. All the employees are restocking, and there are wall to wall customers. All the aisles were facing the door. As my brother sees all these people he straightens up and states loudly.)


    (Everyone turns to look at him. Seeing everyone watching him, he holds his head higher and declares as loud as he can:)


    (There was every reaction imaginable. Hilarity, horror, shock, and everything in between. My poor mom desperately tried to disappear into the crowd. He’s now eighteen, and we still laugh about it.)

    Have To Savor The Flavor

    | CO, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Grandparents

    (I am shopping in the frozen foods aisle. An older woman and a girl of about eight enter the aisle. The woman opens the first freezer door and pulls a quart of ice cream out.)

    Little Girl: “No, Grandma! You didn’t look at all the flavors!”

    Children Are A Constant Blessing

    | Ontario, CA, USA | Children, Siblings

    (My mother, brother, and I are shopping. My brother is only about three years old. While we’re at the checkout, he sneezes. For a few seconds he looks at everybody else in the line, then proceeds to shout as loudly as he can:)

    Brother: “SOMEBODY BLESS ME!”

    Everybody: *stares*

    Mom: *embarrassed* “Bless you.”

    Brother: *huge grin*

    Nothing Makes Scents At That Age

    | UT, USA | Children, Siblings

    (My three-year-old sister and I are wandering about the store while our Mom shops. We’re trying to find her.)

    Me: “Do you see mommy yet?”

    Sister: *with the most serious look on her face* “I can’t find her scent.”

    Happy Death By Chocolate

    | England, UK | Parents & Guardians

    (I have just been to the grocery store with my mother, and we have bought two rather large chocolate Easter bunnies for me and my sister.)

    Mother: “They’re massive! It’s going to take you and [Sister] weeks to eat them!”

    Me: *in a very serious tone* “Not if I have anything to do with it.”

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