Very Book-smart

| NY, USA | Parents & Guardians

Me: *playing on iPod*

Family: *watching TV in the same room*

Mom: “Put down your iPod.”

Dad: *sarcastically* “Yeah, put down the little screen and stare at the bigger screen!”

Mom: “…”

Dad & Me: *laugh*

Mom: “Well, she’s isolating herself from the family!”

Me: “Mom, if I were reading a book, and thereby in your logic ‘isolating myself,’ would you still tell me to put the book down?”

Mom: “…”

Was No Honeymoon Boon

| Lexington, KY, USA | Parents & Guardians

(I’m about six years old, and my mother has recently remarried.)

Me: “Mom, what’s a honeymoon?”

Mom: “Um… It’s where couples go once they get married so they can get to know each other a little better.”

Me: “Oh. Did you get to know [Stepdad] better on your honeymoon?”

Mom: *disappointed* “No… not really.”

(Almost 20 years later, I suddenly remembered what she said, and it finally dawned on me what she meant by it. I’m really wishing I could forget it again.)

That Logic Won’t Quite Set The World On Fire

| USA | Cousins

(My cousin and I are walking home from the park. I live in a small town.)

Cousin: “You guys have really nice fire trucks.”

Me: “Yeah, too bad they don’t get used so much.”

Cousin: “Yeah… too bad that not more houses are burning down to the ground.”

Good Dad Bad Dad

Good dad Bad Dad

Top 5 Funniest Stories Of February 2015

| Not Always Related | Roundups

February 2015 Top Story Roundup: Here are Not Always Related’s top-rated stories last month!

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  3. Bathing In The Glory Of Misbehavior (406 thumbs up)
  4. Open Mouth, Insert Broken Ankle (378 thumbs up)
  5. Talking With Dad On A Whole New Level (374 thumbs up)

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Grandma Can’t Size-Up The Situation

| Edo. de México, México | Grandparents, Siblings

(My sister broke up with her previous boyfriend some time ago but has recently started dating a new guy. One day, my grandma finds a jacket she doesn’t recognize and goes ask my sister. Her ex-boyfriend is a fairly skinny guy while her new boyfriend is really buff, and the jacket isn’t big.)

Grandma: “Honey, is this jacket from [Current Boyfriend]?”

Sister: “No, that would never fit him.”

Grandma: “Oh, so it is from [Ex-Boyfriend]?”

Sister: “Yes, that’s his.”

Grandma: “Oh! So… are we returning it or should we give it to [Current Boyfriend]?”

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