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    I Tire Of Your Antics

    | USA | Parents & Guardians

    (I am driving with my dad. We are looking to pull over for a break, when we see a car on the side of the road, near our intended exit. My dad is driving, while I’m navigating.)

    Me: “Yeesh, I’d hate to be stuck that close to the road while changing a tire.”

    Dad: “Yeah, that sucks…”

    (The driver comes into view. It’s a young woman, around my age, wearing bright pink, tight-fitting yoga pants. She’s bent over the tire, her pink posterior sticking up in the air.)

    Dad: “Oh! It’s a female! We have to help!” *immediately begins to pull over*

    Me: *entirely bemused as I’ve never seen him act like this*

    (We pull up in front of the car. As I’m on the safe side I get out first.)

    Me: “Hiya! Need help?”

    Driver: “Nope! Just finished. Thanks, though!”

    (She then proceeds to take her equipment and put it away. My dad has just now come over.)

    Me: “S’alright, Dad, she’s finished.”

    Dad: “You sure?”

    Me: *giving him a “You serious?” look* “Yeah, Dad, she’s good. Get in the car and let’s go.”

    (It should also be noted, I’m a female and Dad taught me how to change tires so I wouldn’t be stuck in this situation. He denies it, but I’m pretty sure my sixty-year-old dad just wanted to help out because he saw her a** in yoga pants, especially since I have never seen him leap to help someone so quickly. Still haven’t decided if I should tell Mom yet…)

    I Have A Background In Defunct Websites

    | Newark, DE, USA | Siblings

    (My sister and I are browsing the kids’ section at a retail store. She spots a bright, multi-colored girls’ winter jacket covered in stars, nebulas, and other cosmic designs.)

    Sister: “Wow! That coat looks like somebody’s MySpace background threw up on it.”

    Red-Hot Romance

    | UT, USA | Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Siblings

    (I am dating a boy with rust-colored hair. He is the youngest in his family, which otherwise consists entirely of people with dark brown hair, and the next youngest sibling is twenty years older than him.)

    Me: “You’re a natural redhead?”

    Boyfriend: “Yes!”

    Me: “But everyone else in your family is dark-haired… That is strange.”

    Boyfriend: “Well, my parents waited twenty years after my brother to have me, so they got a little rusty at it.”

    Destroyed That Theory

    | Lacey, WA, USA | Parents & Guardians

    (My dad and I are on the upper floor of a hunting store looking at targets for shooting practice. I see him eyeing the clay pigeons which are also known as skeet targets. He notices a large sign saying that this item is unable to be insured.)

    Dad: “I wonder why you can’t get any insurance for the skeet targets.”

    Me: “Probably has something to do with the fact that the whole point of them is to destroy them.”

    (After looking through the selection, we notice that one particular brand of clay pigeons is so fragile, a whole pile of them is already broken before even being purchased. My dad winds up buying none, instead proceeding to the checkout to add more money to his layaway rifle.)

    Dad: *jokingly* “Is there any way I can possibly get those skeet targets insured?”

    Cashier: *knows he’s joking* “I’m sorry, sir. Since all shooting targets automatically fall under ‘intentionally destroyed by the consumer,’ there is no way [Store] would ever gain anything from insuring them. Have a nice day!”

    Meet The Crispy Family

    | KY, USA | Siblings

    (My sister is making breakfast for our mom, me, and our brother. Mom loves her bacon well-cooked almost to the point of being burned. My sister is finishing mom’s bacon and this happens.)

    Sister: “Mom likes her bacon like she likes her children!”

    Me: “Crispy?”

    Sister: “I was going to say ‘in threes’!”

    Mom: “I was thinking crispy, too!”

    Sister: “WELL!”

    (We all had a pretty good laugh about it.)

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    A Little Foggy On The Subject

    | Europe | Sons & Daughters

    (It’s a brisk November evening and there’s a bit of mist over the meadows.)

    Daughter: “Mom, look! There’s fog outside! Why is there fog?”

    Me: “Well, it’s wet and cold today…”

    Daughter: “…and the fog likes it?”