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    My Family And Other Animals, Part 4

    | Canada | Siblings, Themed Giveaway

    (My brother-in-law and I often communicate over text via animal noises. This tends to baffle the rest of the family, but they ignore it because otherwise we mock-fight. I’m talking to my sister over the phone, and can hear my brother-in-law in the background.)

    Me: “Oh. Is [Brother-In-Law] home?”

    Sister: “Yeah. He’s packing before he heads back out to the bush tomorrow.”

    Me: “Can you tell him ‘quack’ for me?”

    Sister: “…what?”

    Me: “Just tell him ‘quack’ for me.”

    Sister: “Alright then.” *to him* “[Name] says ‘quack’.”

    (My brother in law replies with a loud and surprisingly realistic ‘moo.’)

    Sister: “He says—”

    Me: *laughing* “Yeah, I heard him. Anyways—”

    (We go back to chatting for a few minutes before my brother-in-law chimes in again with an even louder ‘moo.’)

    Sister: “[Brother-in-law]! That is an outside noise!”

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    The Last Word On James The First

    | Surrey, England, UK | Children

    (I am approximately eight years old, and a big fan of a series of history comics and books. My parents have taken me to Hampton Court Palace for the day to encourage my historical fascination. Through the grounds, they have people acting through many different roles and answering questions.)

    Me: “Who’s that?”

    Steward Actor: “Why that’s King James I, lass! He was born in 1566, and united the English and Scottish crowns! He—”

    Me: “I asked for his name, not his life story, mate!”

    (If that actor is out there somewhere reading this, I really am sorry, but I am about to go study history at university!)

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    The Walking Dead: The Next Generation, Part 2

    | OH, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Themed Giveaway

    (I try to keep our grandsons from being scared of make-believe things, but I have not been sure how successful my tactics are. The six-year-old grandson runs up to his three-year-old brother.)

    Six-Year-Old Grandson: “I’m a zombie. Uhhhhhh…”

    (The three-year-old screams.)

    Six-Year-Old Grandson: *to me* “It’s okay. We know zombies aren’t real. We’re just pretending.”

    (The three-year-old smiles and nods, screams again, and runs out of the room yelling.)

    Three-Year-Old Grandson: “The zombies are coming!”

    The Walking Dead: The Next Generation

    Putting The Relation Into Relationship, Part 8

    | San Lorenzo, CA, USA | Aunts & Uncles, Children, Cousins

    (We are having a family get together, and are watching the Percy Jackson movie. My aunts have a few complaints about the romance in the film, much to the annoyance of my seven-year-old cousin.)

    Aunt #1: “Wait, aren’t their parents uncle and niece?”

    Aunt #2: “You’re right! Eww, he is totally hitting on his cousin!”

    (This goes on for a while until my little cousin turns to them.)

    Cousin: *matter-of-factly* “They’re family. They are supposed to love each other.”

    Every Adult In The Room: “NOT LIKE THAT!”

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