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Barbie: The Next Generation

| UT, USA | In-Laws, Spouses & Partners

(My husband and I are discussing our baby’s new habit of pulling my hair while he falls asleep.)

Me: “I just wish there was something I could give him that feels like hair.”

Husband: *adamantly* “You cannot give our son dolls.”

(Fast forward a couple weeks. We’re visiting my in-laws, and my husband’s childhood comes up.)

Mother-In-Law: “When he was three or four, all [Husband] wanted for his birthday was Barbie dolls. So, that’s what we gave him.”

(It was really hard not to rub that in his face!)

Hair-Raising Possibilities

| NY, USA | Parents & Guardians

(I’m a female. My mother always bugs me about styling my hair differently, whether it is long or short. Recently I cut my own hair for the summer and it is pixie cut.)

Mother: “You really should style your hair differently. You would look so much prettier if you curled it or straightened it.”

Me: “Keep it up and I’ll put it into a Mohawk.”

(She hasn’t bothered me since about my hair.)

Attack Of The Snake-Spider!

| USA | Parents & Guardians, Pets & Animals

(I am talking to my mom one night while I have free time, just catching up with her, as we haven’t talked on the phone in a while. I mention the fact that the reason my boyfriend would like to move to Alaska is because there are no snakes, and mention the agreement we have in place: if I bring home a snake, he brings home a tarantula, as I absolutely loathe spiders.)

Mom: “What’s wrong with tarantulas? They don’t look like spiders.”

Me: “But they ARE a spider. And a big furry one at that!”

Mom: “Exactly! They look like something you can pet and take out on a leash!”

Me: “…I don’t want to walk a tarantula on a leash. Are you sure we’re related?”

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention


Three-Dimensional Thinking

| Kamloops, BC, Canada | Children, Sons & Daughters

(My husband, 10-year-old son, and I are travelling through a very mountainous area of the British Columbia interior. My son has been gazing out the window at the towering landscape for some time.)

Son: You know, if they made a map of this place, they’d have to put it in a pop-up book.

Take This Gift To My Grave

| Bedfordshire, England, UK | Children, Grandparents

(I am about five years old and have just given my great grandmother a bunch of fake roses.)

Me: “These are for you, Nan, so you can put them on your grave when you die.”

(I am 21 when I hear this story for the first time from my great grandmother, who thankfully is doing great at 93 and still has the flowers in her bedroom.)

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