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    Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

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    (I’ve called my brother to wish him a happy birthday, then passed the phone to our three-year-old niece.)

    Niece: “Hi, uncle [name]! Happy birthday! We’re watching a movie with auntie.”

    (There is a pause, and then she points at the TV.)

    Niece: “This one.”

    (There is another pause, and she slips off the couch and walks right up to the TV.)

    Niece: “ THIS ONE!”

    (She then grabs the movie case, and holds it over her head.)


    Me: “Sweetie, if you can’t see uncle, then he can’t see you.”

    (She slowly looks around the room, then speaks calmly.)

    Niece: “Oh! We’re watching Muppets.”