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    How To Slay Ignorance

    | Toronto, ON, Canada | Children, LGTBQ, Nephews & Nieces, Top

    (I am gay and have recently come out to my family, who have all been supportive and fantastic. Because they are very young, I haven’t told my nieces who are 8 and 11, as I thought they would not understand. I am babysitting them, and one night am having a ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ marathon, when they decide to join me.)

    8 year old: “Is that girl, Tara, gay?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    11 year old: “Is Willow gay?”

    Me: “Yes.”

    8 year old: “So are they a gay couple?”

    Me: “Yes, they are. Wait a second, you know what gay means?”

    8 year old: “Sure, it’s when a man loves a man, and a woman loves a woman, and there is nothing wrong with it. Because you’re gay too!”

    (The realization hits me.)

    Me: “So you know I’m gay? Did your parents tell you?”

    11 year old: “We’re not stupid, Auntie; we figured it out ages ago.”

    (I’m totally impressed and pleased, almost to the point of tears.)

    Me: “Thanks girls, thank you so much!”

    (I love my nieces and my awesome brother and his wife.)

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