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    Category: Grandchildren

    My Imaginary Eye

    | San Diego, CA, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Grandparents

    (Every week my family has a nice dinner out with my parents. We are driving home with everyone in the car. We are teaching my four- and five-year-old daughters to play ‘I spy.’ It is night and dark so the game is a little more challenging than usual.)

    Five-Year-Old: “I spy with my eye something that starts with ‘A’”

    (After a few moments.)

    Me: “We give up. What do you see that starts with ‘A’?”

    Five-Year-Old: *looks around a moment* “Well, you can use your imagination!”

    (Cue laughter in the car.)

    Grandpa: “What about ‘upholstery’…?”

    A Cornell Deaf Knell

    | Roseville, CA, USA | Grandchildren

    (I am eating lunch with my grandparents. They are in their late 80′s and my grandfather is nearly deaf. He is sharing about the time he spent at Cornell University.)

    Me: “I know someone who used to work at Cornell.”

    Grandfather: “Really? What did he do?”

    Me: “He’s a chemist.”

    Grandfather: “He does table tennis!?”

    Me: “No, he’s a chemist!”

    Grandfather: “Okay… What does Dennis do?”

    Victimising Your Sibling

    | OH, USA | Children, Grandchildren

    (After drawing a bath for my grandsons, I call out:)

    Me: “Okay, first victim!”

    (Without knowing to what I was referring, the younger boy says:)

    Younger Grandson: “That would be [Older Grandson]!”

    Grandparents Are Living History

    | Louisville, KY, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Grandparents

    (I’m working at a booth outside the museum’s temporary exhibit which is bordered by one of our permanent galleries. The photographs and weaponry are displayed behind glass.)

    Older Lady: “See? That’s Teddy Roosevelt. He used to enjoy hunting a lot.”

    Eight-Year-Old Grandson: “…”

    Older Lady: “That’s a picture of him and his friends out hunting.”

    (She points to a picture that is reflected in the glass panel.)

    Eight-Year-Old Grandson: *perturbed* “Nana, why are you in the picture?!”

    (The grandmother and I met each other’s gaze briefly before we both broke down into laughter.)

    Have To Savor The Flavor

    | CO, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Grandparents

    (I am shopping in the frozen foods aisle. An older woman and a girl of about eight enter the aisle. The woman opens the first freezer door and pulls a quart of ice cream out.)

    Little Girl: “No, Grandma! You didn’t look at all the flavors!”

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