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Won’t Let Her Live Down Ancient History

| Denver, CO, USA | Children, Grandchildren

(My daughter is about five years old and we have gone to see my grandmother. On the way home we stop at the store and are in the cold aisle looking for something to eat at dinner. It is just her, me, and my brother. My daughter looks around then suddenly comes to me looking up while tugging on the bottom of my shirt. She can be a bit loud when she talks.)

Daughter: “Mommy… know what?”

Me: “What, hun?”

Daughter: *her voice rising with every word* “I love gamma sooo much! I love gamma cuz she’s ancient!”

(Heads whipped around including some very elderly old ladies. Luckily they were smiling. We didn’t let my daughter live this down and she’s almost 18!)

Grandchildren Can Be A Real Headache

| OH, USA | Grandchildren, Grandparents

(Our grandsons have the bad habit of talking over other conversations. Occasionally, a migraine makes it hard for me to concentrate on either speaker. My husband is talking to me when our four-year-old grandson interrupts.)

Me: “I’m sorry, [Grandson], I can only listen to one person at a time today and it was Papa’s turn. Did you say something important?”

Grandson: “Yeah. I always do.”

Deathly Funny

| Medford, MA, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Grandparents

(I am seven years old. It is my grandma’s 73rd birthday. I always make a card instead of buying one.)

Me: “Here, Gramma!”

Card: “Happy Birthday Grammy! I can’t believe you’re 73 and not dead yet. I still love you.”

(My grandma starts laughing hysterically.)

Mom: “What’s so funny?”

Grandma: “Look at what your son gave me.”

(My mom starts laughing. Everyone starts coming over to see what’s so funny. With everyone laughing at my gift, I start to get mad. I wasn’t trying to be funny. That’s just how I was.)

Grandma: “Oh, [My Name]. I love my gift. This one’s a keeper.”

(14 years later, my grandma died at the ripe old age of 87. My mom and I were cleaning out her place. I found that card in a drawer alongside other keepsakes like my grandpa’s (who had died 20 years prior) license. That one was a keeper indeed.)

Forgot Your Words But They Remember

| VA, USA | Children, Grandchildren

(I get my three-year-old grandson strapped into his car seat in the back of my truck and go to get in the driver side. Just as I close my door, I remember that I forgot something inside the house. It’s been one of those days so when I realize I forgot it, I mumbled:)

Me: “S***!”

Grandson: “What did you forget?”

New Spin On Spinach

| NJ, USA | Grandchildren, Grandparents

(It is Thanksgiving. I am seven and my little brother is three. My great-grandma is trying to convince my brother to eat his vegetables.)

Great-Grandma: “Eat your spinach. It’s good for you.”

Brother: “Nope. I don’t like it.”

Great-Grandma: “It will make you strong. Popeye eats his spinach.”

Brother: “Only in emergencies!”

Babysitting On A Knife-Edge

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Grandchildren, Grandparents, Siblings, Theme Of The Month

(My sister often wonders how her husband and his sister survived childhood. Time and time again her in-laws prove that they should not be in charge of small children. It’s my niece’s first birthday. We are getting the cake ready.)

Sister: *to me* “They are demanding that I let them take [Niece] home for a few days. I keep saying no, but they are claiming it’s their right as grandparents. I am not comfortable with that.”

(We light the candle and take it to Niece, who is being held by her dad. He helps her blow out the candle.)

Niece’s Grandfather: “She has to cut the cake!” *shoves a carving knife with an eight-inch long sharp blade into niece’s hand*


(My niece flings her arm back, brandishing the knife, straight towards her dad’s face. He manages to dodge out of the way. My sister grabs the knife out of the baby’s hand.)

Sister: “Are you a f****** idiot? Why would you give that to [Niece]?”

Grandfather: “She needed to cut the cake.”

Sister: “She’s one year old, you gave her a sharp knife, and she almost killed [Husband] with it.”

(The grandfather, still oblivious to what he did, storms off. Our older sister comes up to us afterwards.)

Older Sister: “What happened? [Grandfather] is complaining about how [Sister] spoke to him.”

(We explain what happened.)

Sister: “Is it any wonder why I refuse to let them take [Niece] home? They do things like this all the time!”

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