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    Category: Grandchildren

    Ice Cream Cheese

    | CT, USA | Grandchildren

    (My grandmother is known throughout the family to make crazy recipes and foods that are ‘delicious.’ One weekend, I have to sleep over at her house.)

    Grandma: “Hey, [My Name]. I have some lemon sorbet in the freezer.”

    (I’m not exactly sure if this is safe to eat, because it’s in a rather crusty looking old tupperware, but I take a bite anyway. The ‘sorbet’ is really creamy, and mysteriously salty.)

    Me: “Nana, this is frozen cream cheese.”

    Grandma: *tastes cream cheese* “Are you crazy? This is lemon sorbet!”

    (We ended up going out for ice cream.)

    His Brain Has A Mind Of Its Own

    | Columbus, OH, USA | Children, Grandchildren, Top

    (Our grandson and us are attending a game fair. One of the vendors hands out foam zombie brains. We manage to get two for our grandson. Apparently, the brain is a bit hard for a five-year-old to hold onto, because we have to keep chasing it down. We are walking in the neighborhood when our grandson again fumbles the brain. We get quite a few stares when he wails:)

    Grandson: “Oh no! I’ve lost my mind!”

    Eye, Robot

    | Athens, Greece | Children, Grandchildren, Grandparents

    (I’m five years old, visiting my grandparents. I sit on the sofa and find a pair of glasses.)

    Me: *holding up the glasses* “Grandma, are these yours?”

    Grandma: “Oh, they must be Electra’s. She was here yesterday.”

    (Electra is her sister-in-law, but I’ve never met her and never heard that name before.)

    Me: *excited* “A ROBOT was here yesterday?!”

    My Family And Other (Extinct) Animals, Part 2

    | France | Grandchildren, Grandparents, Themed Giveaway

    (My four-year-old is looking at her grandmother.)

    Daughter: “Gran, when you were young, did you have TV?”

    Gran: “No. No TV, no computer, no DVD. And the radio was really big.”

    Daughter: “Oh, gran, how sad. You were lucky when you were young!”

    Gran: “Why is that?”

    Daughter: “Well… you got to play with your pet dinosaur. I can’t do that because they are all extinct!”

    My Family And Other (Extinct) Animals
    My Family And Other Animals

    Suddenly A Massage Is Not So Relaxing

    | Mexico City, Mexico | Children, Grandchildren, Nephews & Nieces, Themed Giveaway

    (My mother got herself a massage machine. One day my brother and his family visit.)

    Niece: “Granny, here is your vibrator!”

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