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    Big Up Hiccup

    | TN, USA | Parents & Guardians, Siblings

    (My mom tends to keep talking when she hiccups. She also has a funny sounding, high pitched hiccup that sounds like she’s saying something equivalent to ‘YAAAAH’.)

    Mom: “We need to YAAAHwhen we get to the YAAAHand then YAAAH.

    Me: “And don’t forget to YAAAH the YAAAH with the YAAAH.”

    Sister: “We also need to YAAAH.”

    Mom:YAAAH! Not YAAAH it! YAAAH

    Me: “What’s that? Timmy’s fallen down the well?”

    Sister: “No, YAAAH fell down the YAAAH and now he’s YAAAH.”

    Mom: “You’re both grounded.”