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    Addressing The Dressing Situation

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    (I am around 15, and want to start cosplaying. My parents are pretty geeky themselves, but are very much against this.)

    Me: “Mom! I want to make my own Halloween costume this year! Can you take me to the craft store to get fabric and sewing supplies?”

    Mom: “No, that’s a waste of my time and your money.”

    Me: “Please? You’ve seen the sewing projects I’ve done for Home-Ec. I can sew!”

    Mom: “No, because you’re just going to make something from one of those Japanimation shows you watch.”

    Me: “So? There’s a tape in your room of you and Dad dressed like Spock and Kirk on an Enterprise set.”

    (Long silence.)

    Mom: “I can take you tomorrow.”

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