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    A Window Of Opportunity

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    (My dad doesn’t actually own a computer.)

    Technician: “Good afternoon, sir. Am I am speaking to Mr. [name]?”

    Dad: “Yes, you are. Who’s speaking?”

    Technician: “Hello, I am calling to speak to you about a virus on your Windows.”

    Dad: “A virus on my windows? But I had my windows cleaned yesterday.”

    Technician: “No, sir, I don’t think you understand; I am a Windows technician.”

    Dad: “Oh, so you’re trying to sell me double-glazing?”

    Technician: “No, sir, Windows on your computer.”

    Dad: “My computer doesn’t have any windows, or any doors.”

    Technician: “No, your computer has a virus that could stop it working and let people steal your details.”

    Dad: “You mean a bit like you are trying to steal my details and money by claiming a be a Windows technician?”

    Technician: “I am a Windows technician; I can see everything on your computer now and can fix it for you.”

    Dad: “No, thank you; I’m not interested.”

    Technician: “Do you want to lose all of your files and have your details stolen?”

    Dad: “Very well, if you are a Windows technician, can you tell me which operating system I use?”

    Technician: “You are using Windows XP.”

    Dad: “Actually no, I don’t own a computer!”

    Technician: “So, you are just wasting my time?”

    Dad: “You started it!”

    Technician: *hangs up*

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