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    A-Dressing The Problem

    | Detroit, MI, USA | Grandparents

    (I have been saving for a prom dress I really want for months. I finally have enough. I go to order it, and it’s sold out. I burst into tears. I am not religious, whilst my grandmother is Catholic.)

    Grandma: “Now, honey, don’t worry about that dress!”

    Me: “But..but I wanted that one! I’ve worked for months!”

    Grandma: “It’ll be back in stock tomorrow, don’t you worry!”

    Me: “It’s sold out, though!”

    Grandma: “It’ll be back.”

    (The next morning…)

    Me: “Grandma! It’s back!”

    Grandma: “I told you. I prayed last night and said, ‘Mary, you know how women are about their dresses’. And look. Mary knows.”

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